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"These story books are designed to fuel your child’s love of learning with rhyme, rhythm, and language. The books feature beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse. You get a traditional bonding experience from reading to your child or having them read to you, book itself stands on its own. I loved how the story could be taken to the next level with enhanced digitally augmented reality technology."

-Julie from RunWalkRepeat

"Appropriate for ages 3 and up, the hardcover books are perfect gifts for children in preschool and early elementary years. One of our favorite features is that the 3D pictures have a 360 degree scene, so you can rotate and change the angle of the scene depending on how you’re holding your tablet or phone. It really takes the app from being a pop up to a truly interactive exploration."

-Jenn Leisey from NightHelper

"My granddaughter absolutely loved these books. It took reading a story to a whole new level of fun, interest and imagination!"

-bjkbrady from An Open Suitcase

"This was really neat! It really brought the stories to life, I couldn't believe it. As an adult, I was very entertained as I read the story with the app on the phone. It made the story much more animated and entertaining, that I enjoyed reading time and following along. My daughter also enjoyed it a lot too."

-New Age Mama

"Just in time for the holidays, these new books are sure to delight children of all ages, especially little ones as it offers a fun learning platform to help with rhyming and language development."

-Inspired by Savannah

"I love that the book stands on its own without using a tablet. The app is truly an added bonus to take the story to another level of fun."

-Darcy Zalewski from Darcy and Brian

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